Bozemanites know a thing or two about how to best enjoy a festival. We're pros, actually. In the spirit of sharing the most helpful tips, we put together a fresh list of SIMPLE things you can do that will vastly increase your Sweet Pea Festival joy.

Sweet Pea Festival 2021 is happening in Lindley Park on East Main in downtown Bozeman on Friday, August 6th through Sunday, August 8th.

1) BRING A SUPER LIGHT WATERPROOF HOODED JACKET - The thinner the better since you probably won't need it for warmth. Tie it around your waist, then you'll always have a clean place to sit. Lindley Park is very grassy and it might be damp. Plus the weather can change drastically for 20 minutes. Who knows. I've NEVER regretted having one with me.

2) BRING A LARGE, HANDLED PAPER OR PLASIC BAG - If you end up buying stuff from the vendors, you'll be happy to have a decent size bag to haul it. Shirts, crafts, whatever. It folds up nicely into my purse on the way down to the festival if I need it.

3) LOTS OF SMALL BILLS - (safely tucked away, of course) Having plenty of $1s, $5s, $10s and $20s will ensure you can buy what you want. Busy festivals can run out of change or pay apps can go down. Making things easy (as the buyer) always saves time too.

4) WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE A FEW BLOCKS AWAY BEFORE GETTING AN UBER - Avoid driving your own car. Parking is a nightmare this summer regardless of Sweet Pea. Walk to the festival if you can or ride your bike. There is a bike valet at the park. But if you want to Uber, walk away from the park for a few blocks at least before you hail one. That way, your driver can actually find you and you won't be trying to load up in a dangerous/super busy location.

5) DON'T BE FREAKED OUT BY FOOD/DRINK LINES - There's great food at Sweet Pea Festival and you're foolish if you pass up a Tater Pig. Foolish. However, don't sweat it if lines for certain things are long. Give it 10 minutes and try again. Our experience has been that lines at Sweet Pea Festival dissipate quickly.

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