The Sweet Pea Festival Ice Sculpture Contest is one of the "coolest" events in downtown Bozeman during the winter months. Talented artists along with adventurous newbies, brandish chainsaws and tools to turn blocks of ice into works of art.

Every year I look forward to the results of this competition because I get to see the sculptures very early in the morning, lit up in brightly colored lights, every day on my way to work. You can appreciate the frozen art for the next week or two, or until they melt.

You'll find the creations in Soroptimist Park, at the corner of Main and Rouse in downtown Bozeman. Obviously, you can view them any time of day while they're in the park but after dark or early morning is much more beautiful. Not only are the colored lights pretty, but you'll be able to see the intricate detail that some of the artists were able to carve into the ice.

Photo: Michelle Wolfe
Photo: Michelle Wolfe

This year, participating artists carved up over 2,800 pounds of solid ice. Participants are allowed to bring their own tools, but for those who were just starting their ice sculpting careers - tools are provided by the Sweet Pea Festival. It's fun to watch while it's underway, and now we all get to enjoy the artful results for a couple of weeks.

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Pro Division Finalists:
1st Place – Paul Brock
2nd Place – Lotus Grenier & Suzanne McGee
3rd Place – Aubrin & Reuben Heinrichs
Amateur Division Finalists:
1st Place – Bethany Caball
2nd Place – Team X Caliber – Tate, Jack & Mitchell
3rd Pace – Team “The Four Iceholes” - The Berger Family
Photo: Michelle Wolfe
Photo: Michelle Wolfe

Per the Sweet Pea Festival Facebook page: "Many thanks to SWMBIA Professional Women in Building, @simkinshallen and CSI Constructive Solutions for the space, materials and energy that went into building them! And thank you to @oasis_stage_werks for illuminating our artwork!"

See the music lineup from the 2022 Sweet Pea Festival here. Sweet Pea happens every year in Lindley Park on East Main Street. It's an entire week of community events celebrating art, music, families, dance, and everything that makes Bozeman pretty great.

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