Stephanie Quayle heard one of her songs on country radio for the first time while she was driving through her hometown in Montana. The moment encompassed a lot of the same visuals of freedom and driving through the open road that the singer captures in her songwriting, but no matter how cinematic it was, Quayle says she thought better than to try to get video of it on her phone.

Quayle knows how dangerous it is to drive while using a cell phone, even in order to capture a perfect-for-Instagram major milestone moment -- so, she kept her eyes on the road. Read on to learn more.

It was in my hometown of Bozeman, Mont. And that's such a visual for me: Driving down the open road, turning on the radio to [local radio station] XL Country 100.7, listening to all those songs on the radio. You know, "Drinking With Dolly" was my first song at country radio, and that song has been such a foundation for me, such a special song.

It's really hard to be driving and hear your music on the radio! Because it's like, "Uhhh, do I pull over?! How do I share this moment?" You know, I don't "Insta-drive," because I think it's very dangerous, unless you're a passenger. So anyone out there who's Instadriving, please refrain! Pull over, and then share your story.

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