Stories about transplants from other states moving to Montana are fairly common, but we don't hear too many stories about Montanans packing up their belongings to get a fresh start somewhere else.

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Houses in Montana are selling for record-high prices, and for many Montanans, the thought of selling their property for early retirement is extremely tempting. Some residents have already cashed in and have decided to take the money and run.

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Much of the blame for the state's inflated housing market has fallen upon transplants and out-of-staters, but more often than not, when they buy a home, a Montanan is selling it. Unfortunately, most people that live in the state can't afford to match an all-cash offer, which makes the process of homebuying even more difficult.

What States Are Montanans Moving To The Most?

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau, We were able to put together a list of where people in Montana are moving to most. The data is from 2021 and is somewhat outdated, but it was the most recent available.

States are ranked by the number of people that have moved from Montana in 2021.

According to the data, the #1 state where most Montanans are moving to is Washington, with an estimated 6,758 residents leaving Montana for the state in 2021.

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What Other States Are Montanans Moving To?

Here's the remainder of the top 5

  • 2. California
  • 3. Colorado
  • 4. Idaho
  • 5. Texas

It's interesting that Montanans are moving to California considering that most people that live in Big Sky country aren't too fond of the state. It's most likely Californians moving back home after spending a winter in Montana, or at least we can hope.

If you moved out of Montana, what sate would you move to? Send us an app chat on our station app and let us know!

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