On Tuesday, the Gallatin County Sheriff's Office reported that a skier had died in a fall in the Bridger Mountains.

According to a press release from the Sheriff's Department, Gallatin County Search and Rescue were dispatched Tuesday afternoon on a call reporting that a skier had fallen and suffered injuries near Sacajawea Peak.

The Sheriff's Department said two women had hiked in from Fairy Lake to ski the Great One. One skier was able to make a successful run, but a second skier encountered some difficulty and fell, experiencing some traumatic injuries.

Their skiing partner was able to get a signal and called 911. They also initiated CPR but were unsuccessful. Search and Rescue volunteers were able to reach the scene by helicopter, and both women were transported to a nearby landing zone.

The surviving woman received assistance by a Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office Deputy and Chaplain.

The skier who died was identified as Caroline Lupori, a Bozeman resident originally from Colorado.

The Gallatin County Search & Rescue will be moving soon to a new location. Last week, Gallatin County purchased Zero-in Shooting Center, at Baxter and Jackrabbit Lanes for the Sheriff's Department. The Sheriff's Department says the move from the Law & Justice Center in Bozeman will provide faster assistance on calls since 60% of their service calls occur within a 9-mile radius of Four Corners.

The county paid $5.4 million for the 25,000-sq-ft building and 6.48 acres of land.
Four of the GCSO’s seven divisions will relocate to this location including Search & Rescue.

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