Sometimes a good urban legend is a great way to make sure you have a sleepless night and luckily here in Montana, we have a lot of them.

I was looking at this wild list on Buzzfeed of 21 Charts About America That Are Fascinating and one of them caught my eye. The one chart I was really interested in was The Scariest Urban Legend in Every State and they chose some really great ones, especially for Montana.

The urban legend that was chosen for Montana is called The Phantom Hitchhiker of Black Horse Lake. The location of this urban legend is Cascade County, Montana, so essentially the Great Falls area. This legend involves a Native American man who either collides with cars, tries to hitch a ride, or chases cars at inhuman speeds. If you are driving late at night and saw anything like that, the image alone would scare you half to death.

boscorelliart/Getty Images

I love urban legends and Montana is filled with them. From hitchhikers to animals to ghost stories, Montana is filled with stories that can scare anyone from children to adults. Plus, they all usually have a little truth to them as well.

Growing up in Polson, Montana I would hear these stories constantly from friends and I wouldn't believe most of them but some of them would sit in my mind and I would think about it for a while.

For more details and to see the whole list, check out Reddit.

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