We are less than five days away from one of the biggest events in the state of Montana!  The 111th Annual Brawl Of The Wild should be a great game!  While I personally believe the Cats are gonna whoop some grizzly A$$, others do not (let's piss em off!)

#1 They are sore losers.

#2 They believe when they live in Bozeman that they deserve some sort of respect---

If you live in Bozeman and you expect people to be nice to the griz you are living in a fantasy world.  This isn't care bear land it's Bozeman--- and Bozeman is BOBCAT COUNTRY!  Deal with it!  If for some crazy reason you think people who talk trash on the griz are being rude maybe you should move if it disturbs you so much!  I would never expect the hippies of Missoula to be nice towards the Bobcats when leading up to Cat/griz.  That's absurd!  First and foremost it is a GAME!  A game that has a very intense rivalry.  I hope that the banter and trash talking goes on forever, because that is what makes this game so amazing.

Once again FTG! And GO CATS GO!

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