The Toronto International Film Festival has been going on for the past week, which means early reviews have been coming out for some much-anticipated films that we'll be seeing throughout the fall and into next year, like Dear Evan HansonLast Night in SohoThe Eyes of Tammy FayeDuneTitaneSpencer, and The Power of the Dog (which star Benedict Cumberbatch prepared for by visiting Montana to lend his character authenticity).

But one of the great things about film festivals is their ability to put something on your radar that you may not have heard of just yet - and that was the case when I started seeing some film critics I follow tweeting about a new movie called Montana Story.

Montana Story is a story that takes place in Montana (I see what they did there) about a pair of siblings played by Haley Lu Richardson and Owen Teague who return to their family's ranch to care for their sick father. And unlike The Power Of The Dog - which takes place in Montana but was shot in New Zealand - this one was actually filmed right here. According to Wikipedia, the movie was filmed in Paradise Valley south of Livingston in late 2020.

Reviews for Montana Story have been really strong (here's a link to Indiewire's review), and I've seen special praise singled out for the performances of Richardson and Teague.

Montana has become a more popular place to film in recent years - we just heard last week that Nicolas Cage was planning on making a couple of westerns here - so it's cool to see that effort rewarded with attention on the festival circuit. Hopefully we'll be able to see it here in Montana pretty soon - this seems exactly the kind of movie that would be perfect to show in Missoula's Roxy Theater.

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