As it seems like we are going to have some rain in the forecast for the next few days here in Bozeman, I decided to put together my Top 5 Favorite "rainy" Day Songs. In no particular order, these songs all make me feel a certain way. Whether it's a dance party in the kitchen, a warm cup of apple cider on the porch, or a day of folding laundry and cleaning, we could all use a rainy day once in a while.

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Eddie Rabbit: I Love a Rainy Night. This classic hit from 1980 is one of my all-time favorites! Eddie Rabbit had a few must-have hits for my iPod back in the day. Rabbit died of lung cancer, most likely from playing in smoky clubs his whole career, his voice will always ring through my house on a rainy day.

Blind Melon: No Rain. This one-hit wonder from the 90s was better known for the music video. The cute girl in the bumblebee costume is dancing on stage. This brings me back to my "younger years". When they actually played music then shows on the music channel.

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Guns and Roses: November Rain. You can not go wrong with a little G N' R in your life. Recently playing in Montana, Guns and Roses still rock like no other!

Jo Dee Messina: Bring On The Rain. Hitting the airwaves in 2000, this song was slow-paced with a message lots of females listened to after a break-up. At least I did! Her voice ringing thru my headphones as I attempted to belt out the lyrics, I swear we sounded great together.

Blackhawk: I Sure Can Smell The Rain. After meeting these boys in 2019, my love for them continued even stronger! They sound amazing, they look amazing, and they are truly two of the best country stars I have met. If this song doesn't bring you back to the 90s, then I am not sure what will!

My list could go on and on with more artists like Prince, The Judds, and Garth Brooks, but here is a small glimpse into my shuffle list! Enjoy!

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5 Hottest Country Tours of Summer 2021

There’s a lot to consider when making a list of the hottest tours of summer 2021, including star power, opening acts, venues and set lists. Add to that concerns and cautions as the country begins to emerge from a pandemic and that no one has seen live music in 14 months. It’s quite likely you’re craving live music like a drug that’s just out of reach ... or you’re scared shirtless to surround yourself with 10,000 fans indoors. 

All the emotions about reengaging with the live country music community are valid. While at first it seemed September would be start-up month, several tours on this Hot List begin in July and August at outdoor venues across America. The No. 3 tour and No. 1 tour on our list are mostly indoors, but both are banking on increased safety that comes from a majority of the population having the COVID-19 vaccine. 

Once those lights go down, all of these worries will be carried away by the buzz in the air (and maybe, from your cup). Find five total professionals on this list of Hot Summer Tours, each bringing a total stage show, plus several in-demand opening acts with a proven track record of live entertainment at the highest level. There’s no fat on any of these country tours — if you stick to the tailgate through an opener’s set, you’ll truly be missing something special. 

As always, let us know who you can’t wait to see on tour in 2021 via Twitter or email