My sweet Emma made the swim team yesterday.  I am so proud of that girl.  She needed a win.  I don't worry about my sassy little Gracie, but my Emma is so sensitive.  She takes care of her family and friends, is so thoughtful and kind, and would never hurt anyone...unless they mess with her brother and sister.  I've seen that first-hand!  She cries when people hurt, and when we do parades for work, she goes with me and hands candy to little ones, or kids in wheelchairs because it's hard for them to get it themselves.  I am just trying to paint a picture of how wonderful this little girl is.

This year has been a big one for my 9 year old.  She never really struggled in school, but it wasn't her thing.  This year she is excelling in reading and math.  She has always had interest in athletics, but tends to get the uniform and then want to quit.  This is the first thing we've done where I can see how excited she is and how much she loves it.

Am I bragging a little bit?  Absolutely.  I understand my Mom more and more every day as I watch my babies grow.  I want so much for my kids, and little victories do so much for their self esteem.  I've seen her disappointed, and as much as I would love to take that away from her, I know I can't because the victories mean so much more after you learn a bit of failure.

Last night, we celebrated with ice cream.  I also loved that her sister, Gracie is so proud of her.  Emma could only make it to two days of the four day swimming camp.  As Emma was on the phone, telling Grandma the good news, Gracie reminded her to say she made the team even though she only made it to two days of camp.

I never knew being a Mom could be so rewarding.  It's what I was meant to be.  I have days that seem like failures, but days like yesterday make my Mom victories so much sweeter!