I have paid on dates, and I have had dates paid for, which if I'm being honest, is what I prefer.  Do you think the man paying is a thing of the past?

Here it is:

The prettier the girl, the less likely she is to pay on a date. A study by researchers at the University of St. Andrews found that men are more likely to pick up the check if they believe their date is more attractive than them. In the study, psychologists set up hypothetical blind dates and asked participants how they would prefer the bill be split. While half would prefer to split the bill regardless of gender, 30% of men prefer that their date pay for the meal, while 45% of females want the bill picked up. Only 23% of men prefer to pay for the meal themselves -- and just 5% of women said they wanted to pick up the tab. Both men and women who rated themselves highly were more likely to want their date to pay. (NY Daily News)

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