Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks has reported a positive test result for Chronic Wasting Disease in a white-tailed buck deer in the Springhill area.

Although CWD has been in Montana since 2017, this is apparently the first positive case in Gallatin County.

This particular animal was euthanized earlier in May, north of Bozeman in the Springhill area.

According to MFWP:

CWD is a fatal disease affecting the nervous system of deer, elk and moose. Transmission most commonly occurs through direct contact between animals. Carcasses and bodily fluids of infected animals can also be sources of infection for other cervids that come into contact with them.

CWD is not thought to be transmissible from infected animals to humans, although animal to animal is common.

You can check the full list of CWD check stations HERE with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks. (These may be revised with the positive case in Gallatin County, FYI.)

Large white-tailed deer buck
Getty Images/iStockphoto

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