When it comes to Oreo's you can't just have one, well that's how Dave & Ally feel. They typically always have a bag of Oreos in the studio and Dave, on occasion will have one with his breakfast.

With a new year, the company has announced they are bringing five special new flavors to 2021. What we want to know is Which 2021 Oreo Flavor Do You Want To Try? You can weigh in in our Poll below. Here's a little about the new year's flavors:

The first flavor has already hit the shelves and is called Java Chip. This is expected to be a permanent flavor and combines coffee creme and chocolate chips, wedged between two chocolate cookies.

A triple-decker Oreo bite with three different creme layers forms the Brookie-O Oreo, with a brownie, original OREO Stuf, and cookie dough layer.  This Oreo is a limited-edition and will only be available for a short time.

The new Chocolate Hazelnut Oreos have already hit the shelves as a permanent flavor. This Nutella-inspired creme isn't the first time they have released a chocolate-hazelnut filling Oreo.

If you're looking for a vibrantly colored Oreo, look no further than the new Lady Gaga Chromatica-Themed Oreos. They have a green cream middle between two pink Golden Oreo cookies.

Lastly, the Strawberry Frosted Donut Oreo is a limited time Oreo that will be available in stores in March. These Oreos feature several layers of cream with one layer of pink strawberry-flavored creme with rainbow sprinkles and one layer of a doughnut-flavored creme between two Golden Oreo Cookies.


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