You can tout your 'Montanan-ness' by talking about all the things you've done around the state, but if I'm being honest...there are a TON of things I've never done.

It's time for a Honesty Minute: I have to get out there more this year. Don't we all? At least there are several boxes I can check that should have been checked a long time ago. By the way, if you have any tips about the following, please feel free to let me know.

So here's just a few of the places I've never been or "Montana" events I've never attended:

ANYWHERE EAST OF BILLINGS: I was shocked when I realized this. There's nary a bit of western Montana that I haven't seen at least at 80 MPH but eastern Montana is foreign to me. What a shame. There are some fantastic areas in the eastern part of the state and I have ignored them all. No longer. This summer I'll make a point of creating a road trip getaway to see what I've been missing.

MANHATTAN POTATO FESTIVAL - Lord knows I've talked about the event for years and's part of our job. But have I ever GONE to the locally famous celebration? No. After skipping a year due to COVID-19 concerns, it looks as if the Potato Festival WILL be happening this August. Excellent news, especially for us who really should head out there and check that box.

FLATHEAD LAKE - Before you freak out on me, let me say I've BEEN there but I've never spent any significant time there and have never been IN Flathead Lake. This fact actually breaks my own heart and I'm the most embarrassed about this one. It's not hard to get to. It's amazingly beautiful. The reasons to go are many.

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