The Pine Creek fire is 9300 acres and 5% contained.

UPDATE 9/1/12 [3PM]

  1. Residents on Pool Creek Road, Deep Creek Bench Road, Deep Creek South Fork Road, George Creek and McDonald Creek may return to their homes, under a pre-evacuation warning. Residents that live on Lower Deep Creek Bench Road will not be able to return to their homes at this time. Those residents that are able to return home are encouraged to keep their bags and important items packed and ready to go.

Residents only will be allowed to briefly access their properties, via Sheriff's Office escort, for emergency purposes (i.e. care for livestock and pets, retrieve medical supplies). Access will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Residents should meet at the Pine Creek Fire Station #2 on 3 Pine Creek Road and access through the Pine Creek Road entrance. Escorts will begin at 9:30 a.m. today and continue through noon.

East River Road is closed from the north junction at highway 89 down to just south of Barney Creek. Pine Creek Road is also closed.

Areas that are still closed to all residents are those that live on Deep Creek Road, Deep Creek Bench Road, and Deep Creek Road South Fork. The area from Pool Creek down south to Barney Creek is closed to all residents, and also along Pine Creek Road.

Residents with proof of residency that do not live in those areas will be allowed to access their place only through the north road block at the junction of East River Road and Highway 89.

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