Commissioners have passed a resolution declaring a state of Emergency for the Pine Creek Fire incident.

Several structures have been lost, but no official word on how many.

[2:30] For all information pertaining to the Pine Creek Fire-please call 224-0808.

Also East River Rd from Carters Bridge to Mile Post 22.5 is closed to everyone including Residents. Please be advised that anyone who chooses to leave the fire affected area from this point forward will not be allowed back in for Safety purposes.

[11:30 A.M.] Fire behavior erratic and moving quickly. Residents between Pine Creek and Swingley rd need to be cautious and watching for changing fire conditions. No stopping on Highway 89 S between mile marker 49 and 35.

East River Road is closed from the junction at Highway 89 south to Mill Creek Road.

The evacuation area includes residences east of East River Road from Suce Creek Road south to Pine Creek Campground Road.

The evacuation center is located at the Livingston Civic Center

The fire is now at 5000 acres.

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