I'm not going to lie: losing a bet on the Dallas Cowboys game Sunday was painful. Since the Green Bay Packers beat my Cowboys 34-31 in the NFC Playoffs, I now must pay up my bet with Jesse James from the XL Country Afternoon Show.

So, here's what I'll be doing:

  • I've already changed my Facebook profile to the picture you can see below. It was my goal in life to never ever put on a Packer Cheesehead. I mean, why would you choose to wear one, right?
  • I will now be jumping in the President's Plunge for Special Olympics on February 20, 2017, in Green Bay Packers attire. Video to come!

I never thought we were going to lose, even when we fell behind by 18 points. Shows you what I know. Way to go, Packers! Good luck against Atlanta!


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