As a mother, and human being, this entire story just sickens me.  Especially now that we know the assistant coach, who will be coaching the team this weekend, actually witnessed the sexual assault of a 10 year old boy.

Penn State Coach Joe Paterno and the President of the school have been fired, but is that enough?  I say fire everyone who knew about what happened and didn't do a damn thing to protect small children from being sexually abused.  Then charge them with a criminal act.

I am also disgusted by the students protesting firing Coach Paterno.  He knew what happened to these boys and he did nothing.  I guess they think because he's been there for so long, and done such a great job as coach, he should be forgiven for what he knew and did nothing about.

This is an article a friend sent me.  It does a good job of letting you know what to do if you suspect child abuse.

I usually have very strong opinions, but don't always share them as much as I have here.  Tell me your thoughts on this.