No, we're not talking about tourists this time. We're talking about something far more annoying than tourists.

Mosquito Net
Photo by Presley Roozenburg on Unsplash

If you're wondering what we're referring to, it's mosquitoes. With all of Montana's wet weather during the spring, mosquitoes are out in full force. I don't complain much, but I'm not too fond of mosquitoes.

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In addition to being incredibly annoying, mosquitoes are also known to carry a variety of diseases. With the weather getting nicer, many Montanans will be spending more time outdoors. Make sure to take bug spray along with you, because the mosquitoes seem to be extra blood-thirsty this year.


I recently read a story about scientists that have figured out a way to reduce mosquito populations. The process is somewhat complicated, but you can read about the results of the study here.

I fully support limiting mosquito populations. Personally, I could live without mosquitoes and have never understood why they exist. They literally just buzz around sucking blood and spreading disease. Talk about a pointless existence.


I've heard horror stories about mosquitoes that grow to the size of small birds in some foreign countries. Thankfully, we don't have bird-sized mosquitoes in Montana. If we did, I don't think I'd ever leave my house.

If you want to protect yourself against mosquitoes this summer in Montana, you need to take mosquito repellent with you when you're spending time outdoors. I would highly recommend a product that contains DEET, as it's the most effective for prevention of mosquito bites. Most sporting goods stores carry a wide variety of products for at-home use and recreational use.

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