Several weeks ago I was able to get together with Tucker Kalberg; brewer and Sales associate at Bozeman Brewery. He showed me around the facilities here at the brewery located near downtown Bozeman and introduced me to some of the family including Todd Scott, the owner and operator, Bill Hyland, the head brewer, Chris Schafer, brewer and lab tech and Ryan Watson, the FNG. We grabbed a beer and Tucker toured me through the production process of their beers, and then also the canning and keg’ing process. Here is what he had to say.

Where did Bozeman Brewery find its roots?

Bozeman Brewing Company was the vision of Todd and Lisa Scott in 2001.  Todd got his start homebrewing and eventually got his feet wet at Napa Valley Brewing Co. in Calistoga, CA.  Todd and Lisa moved back to Bozeman and Todd produced beer for Spanish Peaks for about 10 years.  Once Spanish Peaks moved its brewery out of town, the Scotts bought the old equipment and started what we have today as Bozeman Brewing Company.  Todd was a one man show for several years before Bill Hyland and Tucker Kalberg joined the team in 2005.  The brew crew has since grown by two more, Chris Shafer and Ryan Watson.

How is the company locally focused in the Bozeman and Montana community?

BBC sources local products and tradesman as much as possible.  The vast majority of our grain is sourced from Great Falls, MT, glassware from Florence, MT, hats and t-shirts are printed locally, stickers and banners from Four Corners…….. Our spent grain is sent to a local dairy farm to be used as filler feed for its cows.  We have named a brew in honor of the Greater Gallatin Watershed Council and a portion of every keg sold of the Watershed Pale is donated to the council.  Over $500 dollars was donated last year.  We contribute to many local charitable organizations, as well as started our Sunday Funday program where 50 cents of every pint sold on a particular Sunday goes to the nonprofit of the day.

What sort of process do you use in the production of your beer?

The process is pretty extensive, but is relatively universal to all breweries.  We start with malted barley, wheat or rye.  That is then milled and mixed with water in the mash tun.  We then extract out all of the fermentable sugars and transfer that hot liquid (wort) to the kettle where it is mixed with hops at various stages for flavor, bitterness and aroma.  It is then sent to the fermenter where yeast is added and the natural process of fermentation takes place creating alcohol and CO2.  Once the beer has finished fermenting, the modern practice of cold conditioning for at least two weeks transpires to refine the flavor and let yeast settle out.  Most of our beers are then filtered, carbonated and then kegged.  We are now canning our Bozone Select Amber Ale in 12 oz. aluminum cans as an alternative to kegging it.


What makes Bozeman brewery stand out from other local breweries in the area?

Bozeman Brewing Company stands out from the rest for producing consistent, high quality, handcrafted products.  We don’t necessarily try to be different or unique from others, we just try to be the best at what we do, which is brew beer.

What does the distribution of Bozeman Brewery look like today?

Our products are currently sold through three distributors in SW Montana, Bronkens of Bozeman, Intermountain of Billings and Mountain Country of Helena.  These distributors service their respective towns and all the small ones in between with our draft beer.  Our Bozone Amber cans are now available through Bronkens of Bozeman, which is selling them in Bozeman, Livingston, Belgrade and all the small communities within a 100 mile radius.

What’s the secret that makes Bozone Beer so delicious?

The secret is hard work, pride and passion for what we do.  Not to mention a love of great beer.  Another reason our beer is so delicious is that we don’t compromise our products by using inferior ingredients.  If we can’t make a beer the way we want to make it, then we won’t make it at all.

Big things happening in the near future at Bozeman Breweries?

Continuing to produce delicious nectar for all of SW MT to enjoy, as well as get our Amber cans to more people.  Our hope is to increase our distribution as supply allows, as well as increase our products available in cans as our capacity allows.

Any other thoughts or concerns?

Cheers to good beer, look for our Bozone Amber cans on the shelves of your local retailer.  And as our can slogan says, don’t waste good beer and DRINK ‘TIL MT!!

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