My husband and kids always do way too much for Mother's Day.  Now, we have an annual tradition of camping, and I love it.  My favorite gift is just the cards I get!However, according to a new survey by a public relations agency called Child's Play Communications, nearly one in four moms got NOTHING for Mother's Day last year.

32% of moms just got a card . . . and 21% got handmade crafts from their kids.  3% got the day off while dad and the kids took care of chores.

Here's what moms want most for Mother's Day THIS year:

1. 15% want their kids to make them something . . . and 21% think that's what they're getting.

2. 14% want a day off . . . but only 3% think they'll get it.

3. 13% want a spa gift certificate.

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