An Ohio High School girls basketball team won a playoff game 108-1. Is this considered poor sportsmanship?This game was over from the beginning. The halftime score was 72-1. A game like this has me thinking about sportsmanship.

Did the team that won run up the score? It's hard to say. The losing team shot an abysmal 0-28 from the field and 1-4 free throws. The team had the chance to shoot the ball, but nothing went in. The winning team scored only 36 points in the second half, which is half of what they scored in the first half, so they obviously let up and tried to keep the game from reaching these heights.

I grew up playing sports, and the goal of playing is to win the game. Losing a game 108-1 is far from fun, but you can't just stop playing because of the score. A coach cannot tell his players to "stop scoring" just because the other team cannot catch up. I think the winning team did the right thing by letting up a little, while not stopping playing the game.

What do you think about this? Should the winning team have poured it on, or should they have let up more?

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