The main reason that I moved to Bozeman was to work at XL Country.  There are of course, other reasons.  I love the mountains, I love Montana, and I love the fact that most Montanans are extremely giving.

I lived in Missoula several years ago and after a couple of months of getting adjusted, I fell in love with the town. I often thought I was the only conservative in Missoula. It was certainly more liberal than I was used to, but I found my place and things worked out just fine.

Now, just as conservative as I was back then, I have to chuckle when I get messages and emails from disgruntled listeners accusing me of being a "liberal mouthpiece" and a "liberal dumb dumb". One went as far as telling me that if I didn't find God, I would burn in hell.

I will certainly voice my opinions when I feel they need to be voiced, in fact, I've done conservative talk radio a couple of times in my career, but my job here is to entertain, inform, and have fun. To let you the listeners know what's going on in Bozeman and get your morning started off on a positive note, not start off your morning with some political diatribe

My goal is to get as many people as possible to listen to Megan and me in the morning. We don't care about your politics, sexual preference, religion, or any of the rest of it, we do however care about you. We just want to share our mornings with you.

All of you.

photo by Megan Shaul
photo by Megan Shaul

The other night I was downtown for Bite of Bozeman and I saw this guy and his sign, and I thought.  There.  Right there.  That's what's great about Bozeman.

There's something for everyone.

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