Have you seen the movie Code Talkers? Neither have I. But I’ve always wanted to, and now I wish I had (and I probably will). I do know some of the history of the Code Talkers, which is very interesting… the American Military using the Navajo Indians in World War II to talk in code (a code that the Japanese were never able to break). And hearing how they came up with the words they used is fascinating.

You have the opportunity to hear the daughter of one of the Code Talkers speak on Wednesday, February 5th at the Montana State University Strand Union Ballroom. A recognized historian on the subject, Zonnie Gorman presents “Growing Up with Heroes: A Daughter’s Journey with the Navajo Code Talkers,” rare stories about her father, along with those of the first 29 Navajo Code Talkers. She will also discuss what the 1940s were like on the Native American Indian reservation, challenges they faced, and more.

Tickets are free but you must reserve them in advance. Doors open at 7p, presentation at 7:30p, reception to follow.

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