This was a big week for me! I feel like I'm finally on my way to earning my Bozeman Card. With the winter lasting so long, I haven't really been able to get out and explore or hike since I moved here way back in January. Yesterday, I finally hiked the M!

I was told there is a "Hard Way" and an "Easy Way". Being my first time, I decided to take it easy. Imagine my self-esteem blow when I watched an older couple (probably in their late 70s--and good for them, by the way) make the turn and head up the "Hard Way" right in front of me.


Here are a few things I took away from my first hike to the M.

  1. There are a lot of people who run the trail and have zero body fat.
  2. The view up there is amazing!
  3. Dogs are allowed on the trail and picking up their poop is apparently optional.

What a fun hike! With a great view to reward you at the end! I can see why people recommend it, and I'm proud to say now that I've joined the M Club. Ok, maybe I'm not a full-fledged member yet after just one time, but my initiation into the club has begun. What should be my next hike? Please email me a suggestion!