Chase Bryant was announced for Headwaters Country Jam 2016, and I have had the chance meet Chase Bryant a few times during my radio career.During my time in Kansas City, I had the amazing opportunity to meet many country artists. One artist that stood out was Chase Bryant. I first met chase on June 16, 2014 before he released any music to the public. He came into our radio station for an artist visit, which is when a new artist comes in and plays music to get their name out there. Armed with a guitar, Chase played a few songs for the staff. His voice was so powerful, it echoed through the halls of the building. When artists visit, there are typically a handful employees that come up and watch. After Chase played his first song, he captured the attention of many of our employees. He had the biggest crowd I have seen at an artist visit.

After he sang a few songs, I had the opportunity to talk to him on a personal level. Not only was he a fantastic artist, his personality was second to none. We talked about his music background, where we each came from, and how lucky we were that we got to do what we loved everyday.

I last saw Chase on July 24, 2015 when he was touring with Tim McGraw. He remembered who I was, which really shows how much character he has as both a person and an artist.

Here we are two years later, and he is now playing at Headwaters Country Jam 2016 and I cannot wait to see him perform again! If you haven't seen him in, you're in for a great time at Headwaters Country Jam 2016!

We decided to do a "serious look" selfie. He cracked a smile right as I took the picture.

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