Happy Pre-Father's Day to all you Dads out there!

I can't even attempt to tell you how important my Dad is to me.  From my first memories, I have known that my Dad puts me and my sisters first.  He has sacrificed, worked hard, and made our lives fun and funny.   I think I knew the dirty versions of nursery rhymes before I knew the real ones.

Even though I was aware of dirty jokes at a young age, he also taught me to act like a lady, and always respect myself, and demand respect from others.

A few of my favorite Dad-isms:

"Cool it, or I'll rip your lips off."

"Boys only want one thing from you."

"Hello, scum." (Used when answering the phone when I call him.)

"It looks like you overshot the runway." (Code for overdrawn checking acct.)

I remember he and I trying to scare each other early in the morning before work and school.  I got him good once, when I hid in our coat closet.  I must have been in there for a half hour, before he finally decided to get his coat and leave.

I remember playing "last tag," sometimes running and screaming down the street.  I'm sure our neighbors thought we were crazy.

I will always remember going fishing with him.

I remember trying my hardest to not disappoint him, so I didn't have to see the look in his eyes.  I still try not to disappoint him.

I remember the way he looked the first time he held his grandbabies.


I still love his evil little giggle when he finds something funny.

I still love watching him dance around the house to classic country and the oldies, now with my kids, instead of with me.

There is no way to thank my Dad for all he has done, and continues to do for me.

Tell me your favorite thing about your Dad!