May 10 is Mother’s Day (***Early reminder!***). So, what do Mother’s want?

I guess it depends on the mom and the situation. For your wife, the new mother and moms with small children, time away is priceless. From as big a deal as a night away with her guy to an hour at a day spa, to a picnic in the park.

For your mom, it’s time. She just wants to see you and spend an afternoon together. A lunch or a walk and flowers will mean a lot more than a gift card.

Trisha Yearwood told people magazine, “We really just try to be together. Right now, with Garth and I being on the road and our girls are all in college and grown, so it’s harder to get everybody together, so we just cherish those times,” she said. “We had a chance to be with them at Easter, so I’m hoping for Mother’s Day, but we’ll see what happens.”

Do you like to surprise her? Here is a note that was emailed to me that I think is perfect for that mom with a baby in diapers: ”I discovered a clean diaper wrapped around something on the floor outside my study. The diaper had been written on in ballpoint pen. 'Dear Mama,' it said. 'Hapy Muthers Day! Dady was suppozd to giv this tu yu yesterday, butt he scrued up.' Inside was a pair of earrings.”

More than anything, don’t forget mom on Mother’s Day, your mom and the mother of your children. If she says she doesn’t want anything this year, don’t believe her.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!