I don't have an iPhone yet.  Am I bitter?  No, I love my broken, piece of crap Blackberry.  My contract is up in July, and then I will have one!  Here's some good information to have if you own an iPhone.

The blog Lifehacker posted on a review by iPhone developer Daniel Amitay of the top passcodes of users of his Big Brother Camera Security iPhone app. He found the ten most common passcodes, with the most popular first, were:

  1. 1234
  2. 0000
  3. 2580
  4. 1111
  5. 5555
  6. 5683 (spells LOVE)
  7. 0852
  8. 2222
  9. 1212
  10. 1998

If you use one of these, you might want to change it!