The smoke denied us a good view of a huge meteor shower this past weekend, but there are a few more to look out for this fall.

According to NASA's Meteoroid Environment Officethere are three more meteor showers to expect in 2018.


First up is The Orionids meteor shower. This will be stemming from the remains of Hailey's Comet and will be happening on October 21st just before dawn.

Then in December there will be the The Geminids. Weather could effect the viewing of this meteor shower, but if you can catch it there will be between 120 and 160 meteors per hour visible in the night sky. Let's hope for a clear night.

Then finally is The Ursids meteor shower on December 22nd. A full moon is expected, which could make it difficult to see the meteors. This shower will bring 30-40 visible meteors per hour.

For more details on all of these meteor showers this fall, check out


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