This is going to be absolutely huge for future students who want to go to Montana State University and want to shoot for the moon and beyond.

Montana State University announced that their student led project is set to go to the moon in the summer of 2023. The radiation-tolerant computer technology is the size of a Rubik's Cube and will be accompanied by eleven other student projects that will land on the moon's surface as part of NASA's Artemis Project.

Photo by Bill Jelen via Upsplash
Photo by Bill Jelen via Upsplash

The Montana State project is called RadPC could possibly help space computers on how they can handle space radiation. Montana State won one of the lucky twelve coveted spots back in 2019.

This project has a huge team though up on campus. almost one hundred people are involved from undergraduates to faculty to graduate students. This is a huge accomplishment for them.

When I was growing up in Montana I always thought if you wanted to send things to space you had to go to a huge university in California, Florida or Texas but never would I have thought in Bozeman they are creating and sending things to space that could not only help space travel and technology but make it immensely better.

This will only help build the reputation that Montana State has for being one of the best universities to attend in the U.S. People think Montana State is known just for agriculture but they have several programs such as film, business, architecture and countless others that propel students into fields that are potentially changing the world.

That's pretty cool to think about.

For more details, check out Montana State University.

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