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You've likely seen the photos, you've seen the videos, you've seen and heard the media reports, and you've probably heard all sorts of theories floating around on social media. We were able to talk to Montanans who were actually there.

Earlier Thursday morning I spoke with Sam Redfern, a US Army veteran from Missoula who heads up the Montana Veterans Association. He was joined by Kristina Twitty, a former Capitol Hill staffer, with the Georgia Veterans Association. Two days earlier the two of them were working to turn out the veterans vote in Georgia.

Redfern told me that he wasn't at the rally to protest, but rather to document the events and witness the rally firsthand along with his sister, who just graduated from the University of Montana School of Journalism.

So what did he see? Here's my re-cap: did some Trump supporters clearly cross the line? Yes. Were there some Antifa agitators in the mix clearly trying to instigate violence? Yes. He says he saw it with his own eyes, and he also saw Trump supporters trying to stop the agitators from breaking in to the US Capitol.

But like I say, that is just my summary of the conversation. Listen to the full conversation for yourself. Here's the full audio on our podcast page of the conversation with Sam Redfern and Kristina Twitty.


*Note: One of the nutjobs who stormed the capitol was the guy with the goofy buffalo horn cap on his head, no shirt, and face paint. Many shared his photo and claimed he was Antifa because he has apparently been spotted at several Black Lives Matter rallies. This was not who we were referring to in our conversation with Redfern. It should also be noted that the buffalo cap guy is a documented QAnon promoter.  

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