I've been attending Bobcat football games regularly since 2007.  Back then the tailgate area was a mud pit and almost anything went.  Over the years MSU has slowly been improving the overall atmosphere of the Football games.  And now it looks like they are looking into selling alcohol in the games.

Last year during Bobcat Thursdays we talked with Drew Ingraham about the possibility of selling alcohol in the stadium.  The issue is coming back up and is looking a little closer to happening. Drew said the University was looking into it but wanted to have a good plan in place for it.


According to KBZK: "Currently, MSU is in contact with other universities across the nation that have alcohol policies.  One of the changes that could take place would be a "no re-entry" after halftime, a change that could impact fans."

What do you think Bobcat fans?  Should alcohol be sold at the games?  Will it cause more alcohol related incidents?  Let us know what you think!