The winters have been kind of unpredictable as of the last few years. We can debate that it is a global warming issue all day, but we are not. Personally I think it is just Montana weather doing what Montana whether does best...Be unpredictable.

For those that love winter fun, there are many who made traditions to ski on Thanksgiving. But, in the past years many of our nearby ski resorts have not had enough snow by that time to open. Many ski resorts have resorted to making their own snow, in order to meet the demand of customers looking to get in some runs. Man made snow will never be as good as the natural snow, but it works in a pinch. But, it is not easy or cheap to make.

According to ESPN

Making snow is not a cheap undertaking. Ski areas spend anywhere from $500,000 to over $3.5 million per season to make snow.

With that in mind, the swankiest ski resort in Montana is looking to cut costs and go green by making their snow out of treated sewage water. That's right, the private ski resort Yellowstone Club, is planning to make snow out of poo poo water.

According to New York Post

The Yellowstone Club is applying for a permit to use treated wastewater to make fake snow for its ski slopes with the hope it’ll help open its winter season on time.

The practice remains controversial though because sewage treatment doesn’t remove pharmaceuticals, and traces of prescription drugs can make it into the snow. Once it melts, it can make its way into waterways.

With the number of famous celebrities and millionaires that frequent the Yellowstone Club, you can only imagine the levels of pharmaceuticals being slightly higher than other resorts. But, regardless, the thought of folks like Justin Timberlake and Bill Gates gliding down the hill on top of frozen poo poo water makes me smile.

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