This might be one of the most inventive ways to see our national parks, but it's also quite expensive. 

When visiting Montana or traveling around, you usually only have the time or money to see one of the two national parks in our state. Yellowstone and Glacier are two of the most visited national parks in the country; what if you could see both parks AND most of the Pacific Northwest in one trip? This vacation lets you do just that. 

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USA Today reports that American Cruise Lines will start a river cruise throughout the Pacific Northwest in 2023. What does this cruise entail? It's a 15-day trip that includes seven days in a boat traveling along the Columbia River, and eight days on land, including stops in Yellowstone and Glacier. 

Photo by Dan Kb via Unsplash
Photo by Dan Kb via Unsplash

This cruise sounds like a jam-packed trip, especially with all the different locations in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming that it visits. 

The upside is that everything from meals, transportation, hotels, park entrance fees, and more are included in the price. Plus, if you wanted to get the all best of the Pacific Northwest in one trip, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. 

Yellowstone National Park.Wyoming.USA

The downside is the price of this trip. American Cruise Lines have these packages starting at over $10K per person, and they can go up to over $11K depending on the time of year. 

As someone who has been to both national parks and most of the destinations in this vacation package, if you want to see everything in one trip, this is probably the best way. I would caution you to consider if you can enjoy these places in just one day. In my experience, you need a few days to really experience and appreciate the areas. 

For more details, check out American Cruise Lines

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