On Tuesday (4/9/24) the West Yellowstone Police Department issued a statement regarding an attempt to locate a suspect and vehicle involved in a high speed chase that involved speeds up to 120 MPH.

At approximately 6PM on Tuesday, the West Yellowstone Police attempted to stop a speeding vehicle that was driving with expired tags. The vehicle refused to stop and then led the police on a chase with speeds reaching 120 miles per hour.

During the pursuit, the driver struck the West Yellowstone Police Officers vehicle (who has been identified as the Police Chief) at a speed of 90 miles per hour, causing the officers vehicle to roll. Luckily, the Police Chief was treated for only minor injuries.

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The man, who has been identified as Kayden Michael Mobley, fled the scene after intentionally hitting the police chief's vehicle. 

The pursuit was ended in order for other officers to render aid to the injuries of the Police Chief who was involved in the hit and run.

Police are looking for the following vehicle:

  • 2015 Maroon Ford F350 (damage to the driver's side)
  • Montana license Plate: DVR190

Below is a picture of the vehicle and the suspect that the West Yellowstone Police are looking for in regards to this incident.

Yellowstone Police Department/Facebook
Yellowstone Police Department/Facebook

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of the suspect or the suspects vehicle please contact your local law enforcement or the West Yellowstone Police Department.

West Yellowstone Police Department: 406.646.7600

Please do not approach the suspect or the suspects vehicle.

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