Montana State University is always doing everything it can to provide the best education and experience for all of its students AND the community as a whole. We learned about the "Overwatch Project's JustFKNAsk" suicide prevention training earlier this week. A project that was created to help our veterans and service members, after battling for our country.

Suicide is a topic that many don't like to talk about, they feel uncomfortable hearing about, and for those reasons, The Overwatch Project launched its "JustFKNAsk" initiative. The number of veterans and service members we are losing per day to suicide is about 20.

So what exactly is the Overwatch Project? First off it is not anything like you have experienced before. The project is straightforward, honest, blunt, AND real. Not your typical way to confront an issue that many of our service members and veterans deal with: SUICIDE. This project is going to help you learn new ways to save lives and prevent suicide.

This training event takes place on April 9th, from 9-11 am at MSU's Inspiration Hall at Norm Asbjornson Hall. Here is how you register to be a part of this eye-opening event. It is FREE and open to the public.

Just because you may not "understand it", doesn't mean you can't help prevent it. If anyone you know is suffering in need of emotional support, call here. You could be the saving grace for someone.

You can also use the Crisis Text Line. Sometimes we realize it's hard to get the words out, but writing them comes much easier.

cc: Montana State University
Travis W. Atkins Veteran Support Center
MSU Counseling and Psychological Services
The Help Center
Warriors & Quiet Waters Foundation

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