One of the most popular grizzly bears at Montana Grizzly Encounter has died.

According to a post on the Montana Grizzly Encounter Facebook page, Brutus the Bear has passed away. He was 19 years old. Throughout the years, Brutus was the star of many educational videos on bear safety. He also had small parts in five movies, Iron Ridge, Pretty Ugly People, Discovering America, Mt. Molehill, and Walking Out. He's best known for co-hosting Expedition Wild with Casey Anderson, according to the Montana Grizzly Encounter website.

Brutus was a longtime resident at Montana Grizzly Encounter, located off of Interstate 90 between Bozeman and Livingston.

Montana Grizzly Encounter shared the news of Brutus' passing on Facebook on Thursday.

It is with the deepest sorrow ever known, that we must announce the passing of our dear beloved Brutus.

During this time, we are absorbing this enormous loss and we would appreciate that anyone with well wishes please not be offended if we do not respond to calls and messages. Our hearts are broken, and we must take this time to reflect inwardly and remember and cherish our time with the goodest of good boys. Never will the world know another Brutus the bear, and we are shattered. Please allow us this time to lick our wounds and recover.

For everyone who ever loved him, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to give him such a wonderful life. The life HE gave US was even more grand, and we will forever be thankful to him for coming into the world 19 years ago and giving us the greatest gift of all time.

We apologize for everyone hearing the news this way, but we simply do not have the capacity to reach out to everyone in our time of mourning. We are still in shock and do not yet have the words. A longer announcement with more detail will follow, when we have more information.

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