Christmas is right around the corner and I thought I would share some interesting facts about this amazing holiday and Montana.

This amazing website Cambridge Analytica crunched some numbers with their Holidata. They look at how many people travel during the holidays, if anyone single can find romance, if there are any big spenders on presents and other cool facts.

Here are the results for Montana:

  • Montana ranks 7th most likely to see snow, so it's a good chance we will have a white Christmas.
  • We live in the 36th highest paid state so families are going to keep a close eye on spending this season.
  • In Mistletoe Mischief, we rank pretty low in being extraverted even though we are 16th in most singles.
  • We are only 43rd in Christmas Miracles, which means we are pretty unlikely for a December birth.

These are all pretty interesting stats. If you want to check them yourself go to Cambridge Analytica.