So, we made it through another school carnival.  I have a few highlights for you.  Number one:  walking into the cake walk where Matthew saw a Spiderman cake.  Fast forward to about 20 walks later, little boy crying, Mom about to cry, and the NICEST person in the world, who pretended to let Matthew win, and gave him the cake!    A few "short" hours later, Gracie...the only kid who hasn't won a cake.  20 more times around the circle, until she finally won one.  She picked cupcakes so she could share with her friends and family.  I don't think I even saw much of Emma.  She ran from game to game, and got all sorts of prizes...then went to work to make sure her brother and sister got prizes too.  I love those kids!  I saw a Mom last night who got the same surgery I did, just a little while after I got mine.  By the way, I got a hysterectomy.  I asked her how she was doing and we caught up.  Upon leaving, I told her that she looked great.  No kidding, she said "you.....look.........................................g..o...o...d.....too."   She almost couldn't get the words out!  I KNOW I am not looking my best right now.  You know how you go through "ugly" periods?  I am smack dab in the middle of one.   A little overweight.  At 41, my face is broken out.  My hair is in desperate need of a cut and color, and my skin is so white I think it could glow in the dark.  I actually admire and appreciate her hesitance in returning the compliment.  I looked like crap last night.  I know I looked like crap.  Next week, I am hosting the Big Brothers/Big Sisters Gala.  I have a hair appt. on Thursday, I will have my Spanx ready to go, my new makeup will be here, and I will feel much better about myself.  I will even throw in a tan, because as you may know, my credo is "tan fat looks better than white fat."  I also stick to my theory that if you look good all the time, people expect it of you.  Then, if  you do look bad one day, people will talk about how horrible you look.  The key to life is low expectations.  I looked really bad last night, and a lot of people saw me.  Next time, I will look good, and they will be pleasantly surprised.  My friend might even be able to compliment me and get the words out!