Did you squeeze your kids a little extra hard today?  I sure did.  I know that some of those stories are extremely difficult to listen to on the St. Jude Radiothon.  Being a Partner in Hope makes it a little easier, because you feel like you've done something.  You're part of the solution.  You  don't feel as helpless.  My kids are my life, and I know the patients' parents feel the same way. My heart breaks for the kids and everything they have to go through, but my thoughts always turn to the parents and what they must be going through.  When Emma, my firstborn arrived, I wasn't prepared for the overwhelming love I felt.  It scared me.  From that first moment I saw her, I wanted to protect her, I feared for her safety, I worried about her future, and I held her as much as I could.  It was like that with Gracie and Matthew, too.  We try not to live our lives worrying about the future.  We try to be financially responsible, eat healthy, exercise, go to the dentist, doctor, etc., and have a lot of fun!  I am going to continue to give to St. Jude, praying that I never have to use their services.  My prayers always include my kids and husband.  I thank God for our health and our blessings.  Tonight, I will include the families of St. Judes, the amazing XL listeners who have become Partners in Hope, and the amazing listeners who would love to, but can't afford it this year.    Thank you all for making this the Last Best Place, and for being one of my blessings!