If I could make up any Holiday, I would just call it Colleen Holiday.

I would sleep in, and wake up to a clean house.  There would be bacon for breakfast.  The sun would be shining, and I would have my husband all three of my kids with me.  Their hair and teeth would be brushed, and they would be dressed nicely, all by themselves.

Calories wouldn't count that day, and I would have fried chicken for lunch, with chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

The entire day would be spent outside in and near the water, waterskiing, surfing, and catching fish.

Dinner would be steak on the grill, corn on the cob, lots of bread with butter, and some kind of cake for dessert.

I would watch the sun set in front of a fire, while my kids cooked marshmallows, and Willie Nelson played a small concert for me and my friends.  If Willie wasn't available, I would also take Kid Rock.

Today is Make Up Your Own Holiday Day!  What's your perfect, made up holiday?