On Monday, Livingston School District Superintendent Dr. Don Viegut sent out a letter to students and parents showing that even though school hasn't been in session, teachers and administrators have been busy.

Governor Bullock ordered the closure of all Montana Public Schools K- 12 from March 16th through March 27th .

Here's a list of accomplishments Superintendent Viegut touted since the Livingston schools have been closed:

  • Off-site learning plans were researched and planned at each school
  • Safety protocols for pick up and drop off of off-site instructional packets have been established
  • A Comprehensive Student Support Response has been developed by the student support team
  • School by School check lists were created to help work toward K-12 consistency
  • A Memorandum of Understanding was agreed upon to ensure support staff continue to have work opportunities
  • Food Service and Transportation Departments have collaborated to ensure the nutrition needs of students continue to be met
  • Numerous building level and department task forces began working on everything from technology, specialists, and behavioral health support
  • Numerous teacher and principal attempts to reach families

Remember, lunches are still being served while the Livingston schools are closed. Here's the info for you to make sure that your child gets a lunch everyday.

livingston lunches


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