Walker Hayes' proves you can reinvent the love song with "Don't Let Her," his progressive new single from an upcoming album. The "You Broke Up With Me" singer's conversational patter and mischievous sense of rhythm carry a heartwarming lyric that's its own three-minute rom-com.

The song is Nicholas Sparks-ian. Hayes, Shane McAnally and Andrew DeRoberts expertly add weight to a list of the singer's wife's most endearing quirks. While specific to his own relationship, the peculiarities of her personality are universal. You or yours may not add too much honey to their coffee, but there's something about the morning routine that's adorable and charming even when he/she isn't. The rules, the insecurities, her passions and his willingness to help the next guy along twist a knife on expectations. The bitter is planted long before the sweet with "But if I'm just half of her forever / This goes out to whoever / Takes my place." 

What couple hasn't had that conversation? Hayes says he wrote "Don't Let Her" last winter at a time when he was really struggling with the death of his newborn daughter. Few who've not gone through something similar could inject the same near-fatalism into a love song — it's as if he believes his note will find its keeper more than the rest of us do, a heavy thought that adds depth to an otherwise breezy arrangement of guitars, drums and bass.

Did You Know?: Every lyric of "Don't Let Her" is true to Walker Hayes' wife Laney. This is why you'll never see him with a beard.

Watch: Walker Hayes Shares the Story of "Don't Let Her"

Walker Hayes, "Don't Let Her" Lyrics: 

She always said if something ever / Happened to me she would never / Fall in love again / What a waste / We always said we’d go together / But if I’m just half of her forever / This goes out to whoever / Takes my place.

She don’t give two cents about money / Likes a little coffee in her honey / Let her sleep late as she wants / Home is her favorite restaurant / Don’t you dare come home if you’re hammered / Better watch your mouth and your grammar / She loves babies, hates glitter / You better shave before you kiss her / And if she ever misses me, please, don’t let her.

She’s insecure about legs, right / Something wrong with her head, right / Just tell her she’s crazy / Even though she won’t believe it / Best advice I can give you, brother / Don’t ever say she’s acting just like her mother / Even though she does sometimes / It’s gonna be our little secret.

Repeat Chorus

Make her feel better / Say something funny / Say something ‘bout the weather / Tell her wherever I am / I’m good and if she thinkin’ she could love again / She should…understood?

Orchids, that’s her favorite flower / Don’t ever watch “The Office” without her / After church, she gonna talk / Her favorite season is football.

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