One of our favorite guests on the XL Morning Show is Leslie the Pet Psychic. No guest generates as many emails and phone calls as Leslie. Unfortunately, we're only able to get to a small fraction of the questions that people have about their pets. So, if you would like to reach out to Leslie on your own, a link to her website is below. Keep in mind, she reads for free for us on the morning show, so expect a charge for her to talk with your pet.

Leslie works with animals from all over the world. Here is what one of our listeners said in an email she sent to us:

Leslie has done so many things to help me save this little girls life.... by giving the doctors some idea of what was wrong. I’m so grateful as Autumn is in recovery.

Leslie helped the second dog Winter cross over the rainbow bridge.  I was devastated. But she was able to talk to her and give me some peace.  Even being able to tell me it was time for me to get another dog. Love Leslie she’s the best.

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