If there's one thing that Lee Brice won't tolerate, it's lies. After a fan falsely accused the 'I Don't Dance' hitmaker of drinking too much before taking the stage at a recent show, he responded angrily, later speaking out about how slanderous accusations such as that really "burn him up."

Following a stop in Indianapolis on Luke Bryan's headlining tour, Brice received a tweet from a fan, alleging that the singer had sipped on a few too many cold ones during the show. Brice wasn't having it. He quickly responded to the claim that he was performing under the influence, even offering to refund the fan's ticket cost:

The singer concluded that he leaves his family behind to do the job he's paid to do, reminding the fan of an important lesson: "Maybe think before you speak from now on."

In an interview with CMT after the fact, Brice elaborated, revealing that lies like that really get him "fired up."

"If you say, 'Lee, you're fat, and your show sucked,' that's one thing. You can have your opinion. But to say that I was drunk onstage, when I pride myself on being professional, it's just slander. It burns me up," he admits. "I'm usually very passive, but when you say something about me that isn't true, that's when I really get fired up. If you're telling a lie about me, that affects me and everyone around me.

He acknowledges that people seem to forget that when they send a tweet, they're talking to a real person -- not a machine. "People don't think about that. People have a big platform these days," Brice adds, "And I just don't think the younger folks know what it's like to never have had that platform ... if you're not gonna say something nice ... say nothing at all."

Brice’s new 'I Don’t Dance' album is in stores now.

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