It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for Lee Brice. The 'Hard to Love' hitmaker reveals that he wants to record a Christmas album, but with a twist -- instead of yet another in the endless parade of half-baked 'White Christmas' renditions already out there, the singer-songwriter would like to make a holiday album that includes a lot of new material.

"For me, I would want to make a Christmas record that was as fresh or as good as if it was a regular album, and not necessarily a Christmas album," Brice tells the Boot. "There would be a few classics on there that I would cut my own way, maybe in a way that hadn't been cut before, or recorded. And I definitely would want to write some stuff that nobody has heard before; so it would probably be about half [new] and half [traditional]."

That said, Brice admits he doesn't have any specific song ideas for the project just yet. "Christmas is a very specific thing. You've just got to open your brain up and open your mind up and do something that's kind of outside the box," he relates. "Maybe it's funny or maybe it's a little more serious in another whole way. You have to go down other avenues to make something fresh. It's difficult."

The musician is also planning a new studio album for next year, as well as some high-level touring with an as-yet-unnamed artist, but he said the Christmas album is virtually a done deal. "I will end up doing that," he affirms. "I think [label head] Mike Curb definitely wants me to do one of those. We've talked about it."

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