The Pine Creek Fire is still at 12,000 acres.

UPDATE:  7:30 (Aug 31)  Park County Sheriffs Office has issued a MANDATORY EVACUATION to Residents of the George Creek Area. The Road Block has been moved from Barney Creek to George Creek.

Some residents have been allowed back to their homes!

East River Road is closed from the north junction at highway 89 down to just south of Barney Creek. Pine Creek Road is also closed.

Areas that are still closed to all residents are those that live on Deep Creek Road, Deep Creek Bench Road, and Deep Creek Road South Fork. The area from Pool Creek down south to Barney Creek is closed to all residents, and also along Pine Creek Road.

Residents with proof of residency that do not live in those areas will be allowed to access their place only through the north road block at the junction of East River Road and Highway 89.

There will be a public meeting Friday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Livingston Christian Center. The Livingston Christian Center is located at 1400 Mount Baldy Drive (across from Town and Country).

Meanwhile, we are hearing some stories of people who need your help, like this lost dog.

Please help if you can.