There's a new wild game processing business that just recently opened up here in the Gallatin Valley. It's called Dutch Meat Shop, and veteran Travis Kamps is the owner/proprietor.

An avid hunter who also served our country with the Army National Guard in Iraq in 2004-05, Travis says his plan to open his own processing shop started back in March when he saw what the coronavirus pandemic was doing to the meat supply chain.

I knew some wild game processors would switch over to beef and pork," said Kamps, "and not take game this fall because regulations bar a processor from handling domestic stock and wild game at the same time.

He pointed out that some meat shops are backed up right now a year out on beef orders, so there is definitely a need for a wild game processing shop like his here in the Bozeman area.

To start with, Dutch Meat Shop will offer basic cuts of steaks, roasts, and burgers. Currently, Travis says he has the capacity to store 80 elk and 120 deer in his coolers and freezers.

Also, as a bonus for his new customers, Travis is handing out Dutch Meat Shop hoodies and T-shirts as a way of saying thank you for your business and paying it forward.

Dutch Meat Shop is located at 12 South Broadway in Belgrade. You can call or text Travis at 580-9700.

As for the name, we asked Travis how he came up with the name Dutch Meat Shop, and his answer made complete sense. "I’m Dutch," Travis told us, "so I just settled on Dutch meat shop."


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