Back on Saturday September 1, 2018, KJ Hunter was involved in a shop accident while working on his #68 Modified racecar. KJ is a frequent racer at the Gallatin Speedway and is well-known throughout the Montana racing community. He was hospitalized after his accident, and was flown to Seattle on September 4th. Here's an update on KJ that was posted this past weekend on the Facebook page KJ Strong.

"KJ is making small baby step progress daily. Last Thursday he was moved to the Rehab Unit. Currently he is considered a boarder until a room on the unit opens up. Friday he had physical therapy. He walked a small lap and walked up and down some stairs. He graduated up to use a walker with assistance. He is getting his balance back slowly. Rodney brought his glasses last weekend and he can see much better. He is reading a little and doing some word find puzzles.

He has started writing and taking some notes for himself. And since we ARE IN Seattle we are watching Mariner baseball games and the Seahawks football games. Yesterday he got to take a nice long shower. And boy did he love it! I went shopping for him and bought him some clothes, sweatshirts and shoes. After his shower he got to put on his clothes instead of the hospital gown. Oh the joy!! We also took him for a ride in a wheel chair and went outside on the patio for about 45 mins. With the refreshing shower, clean clothes and fresh air KJ came back in and took a 3 hour restful nap. We are excited to see what next week brings. We love all the prayers and can feel them! Please keep them coming. Hugs to all."

We'll keep you updated on KJ's progress.

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